Who/What is Blendable

Blendable had humble beginnings as a Health Spending Account provider called YourHSA. We started the company because we know the value of HSAs to employers and to employees but because insured health benefits are more profitable, no one was talking about them.

HSAs remain at our core but, over time, we've evolved into an employee benefit provider with a twist. 

No, really, we're different!

We do things differently. Envision the typical insurance company. Yeah, well that's not us. There are no suits and ties. Our internal culture is easy-going, helpful, and when we're thinking, we are never confined in a box.  

We don't offer pre-defined packages, we listen to companies and their Advisors and put together custom plans that make sense. 

Blendable. Made for you.

Read more about our evolution and our founders' shorts here.