Available as an optional add-on to any HSA, Enhanced Health Blend or Peace of Mind plan, our Excess Medical coverage will assist Members with uncovered, unanticipated expenses that are a result of an accident, a chronic medical condition or a critical illness.

Covered expenses include:

  • Semi-private hospital room differential, to a max of $25,000/calendar year
  • Nursing, to a max of $25,000/calendar year
  • Prescription drugs, to a max of $25,000/calendar year
  • Ambulance, to a max of $25,000/calendar year
  • Paramedical services, to a max of $25,000/calendar year
  • Durable equipment, to a max of $25,000/calendar year
  • Dental injury, to a max of $25,000/calendar year
  • $50,000 lifetime maximum (for each expense category) over a maximum of 104 weeks per injury or sickness

All expenses:

  • $125,000 maximum – total of all expenses per calendar year, per injury or sickness
  • $250,000 lifetime maximum per injury or sickness, all expenses
  • $2,500 deductible per calendar year per injury or sickness, all expenses
  • No pre-existing exclusion if 50 or more employees are insured in the group, 2 year pre-existing exclusion applies if less than 50 Members are covered in the group
  • After a $2,500 deductible in each category is met, a lump sum payment $25,000 is available for prescribed drugs, private nursing, private hospital room, paramedical services (maximums apply), ambulance transport and accidental dental.

Available for our pre-negotiated low monthly premium of $20 for families and $10 for single Members, this option will provide assurance if something happens at home or on the road. $1M, 60 day emergency medical travel coverage is included. For enhanced travel coverage, you can combine this with our group travel insurance.

Underwritten by The Wawanesa Life Insurance Company

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