Let us Handle your Claims

In insurance jargon, our Claims Management services are also known as Administrative Services Only (ASO). We like to keep things simple.

Companies are learning that they don’t have to pay huge premiums to insurance companies for extended health coverage that employees don’t need or won’t use. In the average company, very few people will need hearing aids but they are paying premiums just in case someone in the company needs one.

There is the option of self-insuring extended heath benefit programs to control costs, instead of paying ever-increasing premiums. While funding it internally makes sense, managing the processing, adjudication, reimbursement, tracking and reporting in-house is a daunting consideration. That’s what we’re here for! Outsource claims management to us and we’ll do the heavy lifting on a fee-for-service basis.

What does it Cost?

Typically, costs are limited to actual claims paid, plus a processing fee. We’ll start the plan by requesting a float equal to estimated 2 months of claims. Each month after claims are paid out of the float, we’ll bill you to top it back up. Simple as pie – actually apple pie is more complex than our billing processes - unless you buy it at the bakery.

We are mixing things up in the benefits industry by making our online system, super simple and user-friendly!!  Members can manage their own details and dependants and submit claims online for quick and easy processing and reimbursement. 

Monthly billing and reports provide detailed costs and usage based on the types of healthcare you choose to cover. While maintaining privacy of employees, we provide an analysis of usage allowing you to plan for next year.

All benefit plan billing and reporting is blended and summarized in one package for your convenience.

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