Simplicity, Defined

A Health Spending Account is simplicity defined. You, as the employer, contribute funds to employee accounts. Employees submit claims, then Blendable reimburses any eligible health care expenses. Simple.

Think of an HSA as an affordable replacement for insured health and dental plans. But they fit your budget and cashflow. You control your costs AND you decide what amount will help you retain and attract great employees.

No Plan Limits, No Surprises

There are no plan limits on eligible services, no surprises on renewal and you don’t pay for benefits employees won’t use.

You and your team will appreciate the flexibility of an HSA. Anything covered under a typical insured health & dental plan is eligible PLUS much more!

A Health Spending Account is a great foundation for your benefit program. Add value by blending it anytime with insured Peace of Mind Benefits, Wellness Programs, Employee Assistance Programs, and more for the perfect blended solution.

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