Protect What Matters Most

A healthy team is a more productive and motivated team. An Employee & Family Assistance Program is designed to keep them that way. 

An EAP is a great investment for your company:

  • Reduced disability and health benefits costs which helps keep premiums low
  • Reduced absenteeism which lowers financial and opportunity costs
  • Improved engagement of employees by supporting them and their families so they can manage work, health and personal challenges

Our program provides confidential and accessible support, including:

  • Professional counselling for family, financial, career and legal challenges
  • Assistance to people leaders to help achieve a healthy and productive work environment
  • Intercultural 
  • Traumatic event 
  • Health and fitness coaching, nutrition and naturopathic 
  • …and more

An EAP can be added to any group Plan. Ask your Advisor about the value in providing EAP support to your team.

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