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Like Extended Health Coverage – only better! With our Enhanced Health Blends (EHB) plan members get coverage that mimics insured health and dental but there are no surprise renewals, and the plan sponsor controls the budget.

Also known as Administrative Services Only (ASO) or self-insurance, our EHB is a self-funded version of traditional health insurance. Instead of paying premiums to an insurer for benefits that may not be used, with an EHB the plan sponsor only pays for what plan members actually claim, plus an administrative fee.

Flexible, affordable plan design

Your Plan is your Plan. You can decide (within legislated rules) how you want us to manage the Plan.

We can make some recommendations. For example, because dental costs are well-subscribed, high-cost benefits, you may want to consider providing a Health Spending Account to help cover dental care.

Or you can limit high cost items - for example, maximum $1,500 on dental care - then the HSA can reimburse the remainder. A fair amount for Members will be valued and you manage your costs. Members can ‘save’ HSA funds for anticipated future costs such as orthodontic procedures.

Blending Value

Enhanced Health Blends are an alternative but is also a great add on to an HSA plan. 

The HSA can cover the co-pay amounts and items not covered by plan limitations. Plan Sponsors limit cost liability and Members feel assured of coverage when needed.

Manage Cash Flow

Alternative cost-cutting considerations are a cap on dental through your extended health benefits and supplementing with a HSA Plus which covers a maximum amount but is returned if not used at the end of the Plan Year.

Plan Design Flexibility

A self-funded, blended ASO Plan allows you to establish the maximum budget of your Extended Health Benefits plan. There are no surprise premium increases next year based on someone else’s claims experience. Monthly cash flow is predictable with an affordable claim reserve.

Third Party Claims Administration 

You can structure the Plan in a way that makes sense for their team and budget. They can cover the healthcare expenses that Members will use instead of paying premiums for expenses that are rarely claimed.

Detailed Monthly Reporting

Monthly billing and reports provide detailed costs and usage based on the types of healthcare you choose to cover. While maintaining privacy of employees, we provide an analysis of usage allowing you to plan for next year. All benefit plan billing is blended and summarized in one package for your convenience.

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