March 1, 2017

Who? What? When? Why?!

Blendable- New Solutions, New Brand

A name change and a complete rebranding is a daunting prospect but, we thought it was about time. We’d outgrown the name, YourHSA. The origin of the company was based on a pretty singular focus, the belief we could be the best darn health spending account provider in the country. And we think we did that. Now, here we are 6 years later, and the company has since evolved into so much more.

Why now? Well, we're celebrating our 6th birthday this month. Besides being a great excuse for cake, it's a perfect time to reflect on our past and reimagine our future. It’s time to put on our big boy/girl pants and finally evolve into the awesomeness we envisioned back in the day.

The reasons for our name evolution and the changes to our modus operandi were really driven by our amazing ‘Advisor Nation’. They started saying things like, ‘My client wants an HSA, but they also want to offer their staff [fill in the blank here].’ Our response could have been the typical ‘This packaged plan is the closest thing we offer to what you're looking for, it should work.’ Instead it’s been ‘OK, we’ll figure out how to make that work!’ Now we can customize plans with almost anything from self-insured extended health to group life and LTD to employee and family assistance programs to critical illness with emergency travel.

Solutions Tailored to Your Business

Check out our full suite of solutions and partners (some minimums apply). Through our partners, we also have some great personal insurance options too but, that’s a story for another day!

Our feature solution will always likely be an HSA so you might ask, why change the name? Be honest, if it was your company’s name, wouldn’t you change it? When we started discussing the idea, someone said, 'Yeah, I guess YourHSA IS kind of, well, pedestrian.' defines pedestrian as, 'lacking in vitality, imagination, distinction, etc.;commonplace; prosaic or dull'

Let me tell you...that word doesn’t describe us individually nor our company culture. (In fact, one of our founders is an Ironman athlete so it doesn’t describe him in any sense of the word). So it was time to sit down and discuss who we wanted to be as a company.

When the Executive Team got together to discuss rebranding and a new brand personality, the 3 founders showed up to the meeting, not in suits, but in cargo shorts and t-shirts. Hardly the stodgy, stiff types that are perceived to exist in the insurance world. It was easy to agree that day that we were never going to fit into the traditional insurance industry mold.

Well, that meant we had to create our own mold, one that could be described as innovative, friendly and really smart. Warning...buzzword ahead. We asked, how do we ‘disrupt’ the employee benefits realm? The answers?

  • We make employee benefits solutions easy to access and simple to understand.
  • We offer plans and administrative options that are flexibleuseful and (gasp!) affordable.
  • We deliver up all our offerings with unbridled attention to detail and a sense of humour.
  • We blend benefit options to create plans that are customized to suit the unique needs of the Plan Sponsor employer and their staff.

There it is…! We toss flexible, uncomplicated benefit options, useful administrative solutions and user-friendly software into a mixing device and the result is fantastic...just like the blender parties of our youth...ok, maybe healthy custom-made, good-for-you smoothies are a better analogy.

Introducing Blendable. Our vision for the future of employee benefits. Our concoctions are made on demand with the best possible blend for each individual company.

Obviously we couldn’t launch a new concept and name without a cool new logo. We needed a visual element that represents the company beliefs.

  • benefit plans are meant to be tailored, not predefined
  • employers need options that will attract and retain talented people
  • employees need benefits they'll actually use

We’re pretty fond of the end result. 

The abstract stacked B represents the coming together and blending of multiple parts to make a whole, or to complete a common goal.

Blendable. Made for you.

Hear from our co-founder about why Blendable is the right fit for you!

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