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The benefits background cost

What you’re really getting with a premium-based benefits plan is one that provides a perception of value and comes with a recurring cost that you end up paying “just in case.”

Benefits are compensation

Move over salary, you're not the only part of compensation people want nowadays! As competition for new hires ramps up, the need for valuable, equal benefits follows.

What is Quiet Quitting?

Minimum pay equals minimum effort, act your wage, no time for overtime – these are some popular mindsets making headlines in today's workplaces. This mindset is called Quiet Quitting.

What's the difference between benefit plans?

In an industry full of jargon, clearly explaining benefits features is super-important. It's necessary to clearly describe the different group plans, their names, and features in order to properly equip plan sponsors.

The wonderful world of drug coverage

What’s top of mind when we present our benefit solutions? Drug coverage. Whether it’s how drugs are covered under Blendable benefits, or what other options exist to help with costs, drug questions are always part of the conversation.

Are flex benefit programs really flexible?

We break down the truth behind flex benefit programs and why they may not be as flexible as they're portrayed!

Cost Control and Blendable

Insured health and dental are a thing of the past. Instead of drowning in a sea of premiums and plan shopping, pick a group benefits plan that gives you the longevity and cost control you need.

We’re hiring – and we offer benefits!

Did that headline catch your attention? We aren't hiring, but we want all businesses to know why promoting their benefits plan is a bad idea (if they've got insured health and dental).

The Great Resignation

The Great Resignation has impacted so many businesses. It's become a scramble to find methods to retain employees. Truth is, there are some easy solutions that will position your business to retain and attract top talent.