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The 80/20 Rule and the inequity of insured health care

About 20% of the plan members will make 80% of the claims in a typical insured healthcare plan. Said another way, 80% of plan members just aren’t seeing the same value from their benefits plan.

Thankfully, there’s an alternative that gives 100% of plan members the value they deserve.

The Differences Between Provincial Drug Plans & Insured Drug Plans

Believe it or not, buying insurance isn’t always the only, or even right, choice when it comes to covering drug costs.

Creating a fair and equal group benefits plan

Do you ever wonder whether everyone in your organization is getting the same value from their group benefits Here’s an example of one company who took a hard look at the value they were getting from their group benefits.

Wellness Programs – Providing the Work-Life Balance Employees Need

You can support employees and promote wellness, which leads to a boost in morale and productivity!

Building A Benefits Plan is as Easy as Building a Sandwich

Building a blended benefits plan is just like building your favourite sandwich. You start with the right base, customize to your heart's content, then sit back and enjoy something made just right!

Group Benefits Plans with Customizations for any Business

Customizing group benefits is a lot like deciding how to make pasta for dinner.

Customizable Group Benefits that Unlock Huge Savings: Kathryn's Story

Meet Kathryn. Blendable saved her business $100,000 and custom-tailored her group benefits plan.

Blended Benefits Truth: Alternative to Health and Dental Premiums

When health and dental benefits are insured, plan sponsors end up paying for benefits that nobody uses. With a blended benefits plan the organization gains control over their benefits and costs.

Brad Asks: How Much is Enough for a Group Benefits Plan?

A Journey to find Group Benefits